Rio Red Light Therapy




It's not a tanning lamp, it's not an infra-red lamp.

What is it and what does it do?

It's new and innovative, fashionable and functional.

Rio's Light Box

Rio Light Therapy Tubes
topaz collagen
for pure and timeless beauty

Make your dreams come true with the Alisun 200 Collagen, the perfect solution for skin rejuvination.
Independent research has shown that the collagen production can be stimulated with gentle red light waves of 550-700 nm. These light waves of the Alisun Intense Collagen lamps encourage the skin to produce collagen, elastin and certain enzymes that are responsible for the skin's supportive structure.

Light therapy with Alisun 200 Collagen results in a true revival of the skin.

  • It's not UV
  • It's not Laser
  • It's gentle & soft red light, low energy photo bio stimulation !


Improved skin vitality
Noticeably firmer, smoother skin
Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines


The Alisun 200 Collagen needs only 230 V.
Just plug it in and enjoy the benefits


Technical specifications Alisun 200 Collagen
Colour Pearlized White
Lamps - Canopy 14 x 100 W (190cm)
Lamps - Bench 12 x 100W (190cm)
Lamp Type Alisun Intense Collagen 100W
Weight in kg 164
Power in kW 2,47
Minimum Fuse (slow) 1 x 16A
Connection Value 230V ~ 50Hz
Maximum Dimensions (cm) 220 x 106 x 112 (closed) / 145 (open)
Minimum Dimensions (cm) 230 x 220