Vertical tanning

Vertical tanning has more benefits both for the user (no white areas caused by pressure points, a more active tanning session and is appreciated for a more hygienic feeling) and for the operator (less space required, a good addition to the range), which many people would happily trade for the comfort of tanning in a lying position. With the V6, you get top quality in every detail, along with its wonderful design and spacious layout. Various different comfort features, including an innovative cooling system with four spray units over the length of the appliance, ensure an inspiring tanning session. the V6 simply attracts turnover...


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Commercial Sunbeds - NEW! Luxura V6


42 Tube Option - £5592 + VAT
46 Tube Option - £6952 + VAT


  • XL Light
  • Connection for external timer
  • 1 hour counter non-resetable
  • 1 hour counter resetable
  • Digital timer display
  • Smart touch control
  • 3 steps adjustable body cooler
  • Stand­by inside lighting
  • Internal timer


  • My MP3/Audio + Speakers Ambient Flowlight Column £439 +VAT
  • Full Audio Sound Around Plus + Ambient Flowlight Column & Bluetooth - £599 +VAT
  • Speakers - £65
  • Changing Cubicle Crystal White - £1249 +VAT
  • Standard Colour Crystal White
  • Twin Colour Option £210 +VAT - Crystal White & Gold, Crystal White & Fuscia, Crystal White & Aqua

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