Hapro Topaz

Hapro Topaz, the multifunctional tanning unit!

Hapro Topaz if from the Home Tanning Collection, wich can be placed almost anywhere, thanks to the compact size and flexibilty.

Due to the refreshingly right quality and price ratio, the Topaz is a favourite in many homes. There are two models you can choose from: a combination of bank and canopy or the single canopy on a tilting stand. Stylish designer details emphasize the professional development of these tanning units and will fit in every interior.

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Standard Model

Topaz Canopy

Technical Specifications (pdf)


Home Use Sunbeds - Topaz Deluxe

Home Use Sunbeds

Topaz Deluxe

TOPAZ DELUXE with 400 watt facial tanner - Look beautiful, feel great ! - A perfectly even full-body tan - Maxlite Performance tubes as standard or choose other tube options - TOPAZ 24 with MAXLITE Performance tubes - £2010.00

The sun tunnel of the Topaz Combi is very compact, without giving in on comfort aspects. 24 tanning lamps will simultaneously and efficiently tan you at both sides of your body. In addition, the Topaz 24/1 will give you an extra tanning accent, thanks to the unique face tanner. The comfort during the tanning session is enhanced by the extra wellness features of this unit, like delightful aromas and audio facilities with an MP3 connection. The digital timer of the Topaz 24/1 displays the duration of the session and will give a subtle signal, several seconds before the session ends.

ENJOYABLE TANNING - Stereo active sounds module to connect to CD or MP3 player - Ambient Scent for a natural experience - Integrate body cooling with power control in side panel.
SAFE TANNING - Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes with double safety function - 2 pairs of eye-protecting goggles

Topaz Control View

Tube Options

  • ISOLDE ADVANTAGE - WOW! - 160w tanning results from 100w tube - £2365.00
  • TOPAZ 24 with MAXLITE Performance tubes - £2010.00
  • TOPAZ 24 with Isolde Swift Tubes - higher output & longer-life - £2295.00